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We're Better, Together

Through our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, we harness the incredible talents of our team members and leverage our collective strength to build high-performing teams, develop effective strategies, and achieve meaningful results.

Here are some of the ways we live up to that commitment in our work:

Staff and Board

Since 2019, we have seen an 89% increase in hiring staff who identify as Asian, Black, Indigenous, Latino or multiracial. During that time, diversity on our board of directors has also increased; half our board members identify as Black, Asian American, or Latino.


We strive to engage a wide and diverse group of funders who have a commitment to advancing equity, diversity and inclusion.


As of our last fiscal year, 77% of our grants funds were given to organizations primarily serving communities of color. We also established a fund to help other organizations integrate equity practices into their work.

Food Justice

Together with Food and Society at the Aspen Institute, we created Conversations on Food Justice, an online speaking series that features policy experts and community leaders discussing the interconnectedness of food access with factors such as race, class, health, education, labor, and the environment. This series has been running for over two years.

Creating Change

At Share Our Strength, we understand that true progress towards our mission and vision can only be made by actively engaging in authentic equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts in partnership with communities.

We are dedicated to prioritizing equity, promoting diversity, and fostering inclusion among all individuals with a focus on those who have been historically marginalized. We know that by centering equity, diversity, and inclusion, we can create lasting positive change for children and families, impacting future generations for years to come.