mayors alliance

More than

2.8 billion

meals provided to kids since March 2020

More than

$150 million

in grants to communities since March 2020

no kid hungry

How We're Ending Childhood Hunger

We help communities feed kids, through grants, advocacy and support for schools and families.

School & Community Meals

We help schools and community groups with meals programs, like breakfast served in the classroom or free meals provided at community centers in the summertime.

Family Meals

We help families feed their kids by protecting programs like SNAP and WIC – and increasing the number of children enrolled in them.


Much of our funding goes to provide grants to schools and community groups, which they use to pay for the equipment and staff they need to feed kids.


We advocate for better policies at the federal, state and local level. Legislation is a powerful lever – a new law or new funding for federal meals programs can help millions of children.

no kid hungry campaign

We have so much food in this country, so much wealth and so many resources. Shame on us if we let even one child go hungry.– Cindy Tinnel, school cafeteria manager, Knoxville, Tenn.