What are the traits that make a great chef? DC’s new Maialino Mare restaurant Executive Chef Rose Noel joins Debbie and Billy Shore to talk about what it takes to succeed as a chef and a leader. “I’m cooking because I love cooking, so there is not really another option for me,” says Noel. “You don’t fall into this career by mistake because it’s not an easy thing to do… If you don’t love it, you don’t last long,” she continues.


Noel, a chef of Haitian descent described by Danny Meyer as a ‘quiet force,’ has broken barriers in an industry where women of color continue to be underrepresented and thinks more could be done to attract young people from minority communities. “You have to go into the high schools so people know that this is a real career that anyone can do. They have to see that it’s possible and see the path to get there,” she explains.


Enjoy this conversation with a young chef as she reflects on her influences, responsibilities and what drives her success.

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