Frances Moore Lappé published the groundbreaking Diet for a Small Planet in 1971, changing the way Americans thought about food policy and world hunger. A 50th Anniversary edition of this seminal work was released in 2021, adding to Lappé’s list of 20 cookbooks with the underlying theme of living democracy. “We have to think of all of life as participating with one another in order to make big decisions that enhance life for all, because we’re all connected and we’re all affected,” she says. The Small Planet Institute – which she co-founded with her daughter Anna – channels resources to democratic social movements worldwide. “We have to feel deep indignation about what I call our taproot problem, and that is democracy… Democracy is about whose voices get heard.” 

Join us for a timely discussion with Frances Moore Lappé, author, activist, and past recipient of the James Beard Foundation Humanitarian of the Year Award for her lifelong impact on the way people all over the world think about food, nutrition, and agriculture.

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