How do we fix our broken food system? Food Tank co-founder and president Danielle Nierenberg joins Billy Shore to discuss the connections between food, nutrition, the environment and democracy. “People are thinking about food and agriculture as something more political… this citizen eater who votes not only with her fork, but votes for the kind of food system that she wants,” explains Nierenberg. “We have a broken democracy right now. It’s not just the change we want to see, it’s the change we need to make this democracy a working one again,” she says.


Nierenberg observes that the current pandemic has exposed the problems in our current food system. “Our modern food system has always been fragile and now with COVID we’re seeing all of these cracks and things that don’t work,” she says. “This is not going to be the last disruption that we see in the food and agriculture system worldwide… We have a lot to get into place so that we can withstand those disruptions,” she warns.


Join us for this critical conversation about using the food and agricultural community as a force for political change.

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