Businesses can have significant impact on the health of communities. C.D. Glin, Vice President of the PepsiCo Foundation, and Kim Fortunato, the first woman to serve as president of the Campbell Soup Foundation, are leading the way for their organizations. “We’re grant makers, but we’re also change makers… We think about ourselves as being demand driven, demand responsive, participatory, and we put local ownership at the center of a lot of our investments,” says Glin. 

“The opportunity for Campbell as a food manufacturer… is to really lead the change in elevating the recognition that school nutrition is not necessarily equitable across this country,” Fortunato states. And this impact extends to developing solutions to societal problems. “When you look at successful change in our country or beyond, you see an intersection of a diverse group of stakeholders, including [private], public sector and government stakeholders,” advises Fortunato. “All three sectors… coming together for collaborative approaches – that’s the only way we’re going to really impact the community for the long term,” Glin concludes.

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