How can we spread more happiness to children in this world? Akshaya Patra Foundation USA CEO Shridhar Venkat and The Third Space owner and chef Asha Gomez join hosts Debbie and Billy Shore to discuss the challenges and triumphs of alleviating childhood hunger around the world. “The world needs more compassion. If the rich people in the world looked on this problem with compassion, I feel you could solve this problem in one year,” claims Venkat. “People are innately good. People want to do good… a lot of times people don’t know how or have the resources necessary to be able to do good,” says Gomez.


Both guests talk about the personal fulfillment they experience through their work. “To truly enjoy work, work should be love made visible,” explains Gomez about her cooking and her work for international aid organization CARE. “At the end of the day, you are giving wings to their dreams,” declares Venkat about the 1.76M children who are fed through Akshaya Patra’s school meal programs.


Tune in for this heartfelt and illuminating conversation with two guests who are passionate about helping kids.


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