Sounding the Alarm for Racial Justice and a Stronger Democracy

What is America’s original sin? In part 2 of this timely discussion, Jim Wallis and Michael Schlow share their observations on racism, immigration and the threat to our democracy. “Our original sin of racism wasn’t just slavery. Christians said we can’t do what we are doing to indigenous people and Africans if we believe they are people made in the image of God. So, we’ll say they weren’t,” explains Wallis about the origins of structural racism in America. “If your parents taught you to hate, chances are it’s going to be really hard to unwind that as an adult,” says Schlow.


“I always want to believe that we’re decent, good people at heart… Unfortunately, hate is something that is really prevalent in our country and now it’s been exposed,” laments Schlow. “This isn’t political disagreement. The wall does not protect us – it’s a monument to racism,” Wallis states. “Our democracy is literally at stake now. It’s not clear that our institutions will have the resilience to survive all this,” he warns.


Continue this powerful conversation that sounds the alarm for racial justice and a stronger democracy.


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