How do we ensure dignity for people experiencing food insecurity? City Harvest Senior Director of Programs Kate MacKenzie and Gem chef Flynn McGarry sit down with Billy Shore in New York City to discuss how their passion for food drives their commitment to creating social change. “Through City Harvest, I’m able to work on making large-scale change, while also making sure people have food on their tables tonight,” says MacKenzie. A prodigy chef and restaurateur since age 11, McGarry understands the power of his celebrity to influence. “We’re going to do the restaurant, but in tandem we need to give back and try to be bigger than the space we’re confined in,” he explains. “


Both guests are passionate about solving food insecurity. “It’s not just about distributing more and more food to people who need it… it’s making sure it gets into their stomachs in a way that’s appropriate and desirable for them,” says MacKenzie about how City Harvest will help feed 1.2M food insecure New Yorkers this year. “Cooking for yourself is such an important skill. I know so many people in their 20s and 30s who don’t know how to make themselves dinner, which relates to this dependency on fast food,” says McGarry.


Share in this conversation that highlights how a passion for food motivates these guests to make an impact.



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