How do you help social entrepreneurs spread their ideas? Bridgespan Group co-founder and managing partner Jeff Bradach and Bambara Kitchen & Bar executive chef David Bazirgan join host Billy Shore to talk about impact investing and helping non-profits scale to create transformative change. “So much of scaling is about how you create that feeling that has people acting on their own in ways that are aligned and consistent with the vision [that] makes a difference in the world,” explains Bradach. Bazirgan practices a similar philosophy in his kitchen. “I’ve always tried to create a good culture of teamwork, respect and keeping an open dialogue. Lead by example, [practice] good communication, and get buy-in,” he advises.


Bradach cautions that creating large-scale change isn’t as simple as just replicating good ideas. “There’s other virtues of scale, but I do think there’s an underappreciation of that unique, radically local experience that is deeply embedded in community,” he observes. Bazirgan is a big advocate for community nonprofits, and is preparing to ride in his first ChefsCycle for No Kid Hungry event. “I’ve always been one to just say ‘yes’ to everything. We have such an opportunity to give back and provide and support,” he says.


Join us for this conversation that explores the dynamics of social change and the true potential of nonprofits to make transformative change.


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