We all consume messages about food every day, and the messages we receive can influence our behavior and have a real impact on our communities: from targeted appeals of low-income consumers and consumers of color that push cheap and unhealthy foods while simultaneously shaming consumers for making “poor choices,” to the reinforcing of racial and gender stereotypes through food and the stigmatization of obesity. But how do families pressed for time and funds sift through the complex messages they receive about food, weighing health and economic costs against the desire for comfort, community, and belonging that food can bring? In this session, we’ll examine how media, marketing, and the world around us can shape how we eat. We’ll also explore how marketing and media can be used as a force for good in helping families access good food with dignity.

*Keep the Conversation Going: Food & The Powerful Impact of Media Fireside Chat, 2:30-3:00pm EST

Immediately following our session, we will hold a more informal conversation and offer the opportunity to share a few reflections, answer questions we didn’t get to and have a thoughtful discussion on what we just heard. The fireside chat will be hosted by Elliott Gaskins from Share Our Strength who will be joined by Katie Workman, chef, author, Share Our Strength Leadership Council member and anti-hunger advocate.