Food is everything. It is how we cultivate connection, build community and express love. It can also be used to exploit, divide and create barriers. The Conversations on Food Justice Series strives to raise the visibility of the powerful impact of food on our culture – and how we can use it as a force for empowerment, justice and positive social change.

At Share Our Strength and Food & Society at the Aspen Institute we have worked hard through this series to educate, inspire and challenge assumptions in ways that spark action and motivate us to combat some of our most entrenched challenges together.

We are committed to these principles and look forward to bringing you more ideas to consider and thoughtful ways to engage – while sharing solutions that are working in communities across the country. In 2023 we will do this virtually and in person, and hope to connect with many more people as we continue to expand the reach and impact of this series.

We thank you for remaining on this journey with us and invite you to share the power of this initiative with your friends, colleagues and others in your network. The Conversations on Food Justice Series will remain important because of you. We are thankful for your continued support.

Happy Holidays and we look forward to seeing you in 2023!