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What will it take for Americans to trust each other again? Long-time New York Times columnist Frank Bruni talks about his days as a restaurant critic, his goals as an op-ed columnist and the current state of civic discourse in America. “Based on which [cable news channel] you’ve gone to, you can have an understanding of events and reality that is almost diametrically opposed to somebody else’s. That makes it so much more challenging to find common ground,” observes Bruni. “I always try to return to a plea for civility, decency and understanding,” he concludes.

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Frank Bruni

Frank Bruni

Columnist // New York Times

Frank Bruni, an Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times. He has been with the paper since 1985, and has served as a White House correspondent and chief restaurant critic. In his columns, he reflects on diverse topics, including: American politics, higher education, popular culture and gay rights. He is the author of numerous books, a CNN contributor, and author of a weekly newsletter through the New York Times: http://www.nytimes/BruniLetter

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