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How do you get a seat at the decision-making table? Actor and black-ish executive producer Anthony Anderson talks about how black change agents like himself participate in societal decisions and help involve diverse communities. “I like to think of us as agents of change… what makes [black-ish] timely is that we talk about real issues and how it affects us in real time… telling the story in an organic way.” Anderson is also a change agent in his own community. “You can’t have a seat at the table unless you're moving the needle and the way the needle moves in America is economically… It's about investing and reinvesting in yourself and in your community. And then that way you are a force to be reckoned with because now you have the ability to make change, real change.”

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Anthony Anderson

Anthony Anderson


Anthony Anderson is an Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actor and the star and executive producer of ABC’s critically-acclaimed sitcom “black-ish” where he portrays Andre “Dre” Johnson.  He also currently hosts the ABC game show “To Tell the Truth.” Anderson is also executive producer of both “black-ish” spin offs “grown-ish” and “mixed-ish” as well as “Road Trippin’” which airs on SnapChat. Anderson has received six Emmy nominations, two Golden Globe nominations and three Critics Choice nominations for his role on “black-ish.”