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Brother Luck, celebrity chef and author featured on “Chopped,” “Top Chef,” and "Beat Bobby Flay', discusses how he uses his experience with mental health in the restaurant industry to help others. “I've realized over the years, as I've gone through the healing process, that I have to speak up and be vulnerable and live through my pain because somebody else is living that story right now.” He voices concern for his colleagues in the restaurant industry. “Mental health is something we've ignored for so many years, especially in the restaurant industry. We've been built on bravado and pride and ego… we didn't know how to label it. We didn't know how to discuss it. We would never discuss it.”

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Brother Luck

Brother Luck


Brother Luck is an Award-winning celebrity chef based in Colorado Springs. He was a “Chopped” finalist, favorite on “Top Chef” and “Last Chance Kitchen,” and won his episode of “Beat Bobby Flay.” In September 2022, he published his memoir No Lucks Given

No Lucks Given

No Lucks Given: Brother Luck’s memoir about life lessons learned on the streets, in kitchens, and in counseling sessions and the power of being vulnerable.

Careers Through Culinary Arts Program

Careers Through Culinary Arts Program: CCAP is a workforce development nonprofit that provides underserved teens with culinary, job, and life skills.