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Is wheat the key to a healthy food system? One Mighty Mill co-founder Jon Olinto talks to Billy Shore about the history of wheat and the impacts freshly-milled and sustainably-sourced wheat can have on our health, agricultural systems and communities. “Everybody wants healthy local food systems. The true cornerstone of that is going to center around mills because wheat and flour have infiltrated nearly everything we eat,” says Olinto. Olinto wanted to ensure that community revitalization was part of One Mighty Mill’s mission. Located in downtown Lynn, MA, it serves as healthy community resource as well as an economic engine. “You know you can’t fix everything at once. But when you start, if you hardwire some of this impact that you know you want to have, it creates a pathway for you to stay true to why you started,” Olinto explains. Join us for this fascinating conversation with an entrepreneur who is helping to make people, communities and agricultural systems healthier.

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Jon Olinto

Jon Olinto


Co-Founder of One Mighty Mill, an emerging food start-up based on healthier and better tasting foods made from freshly-milled, sustainably-sourced wheat. With One Mighty Mill, Olinto and his team are pioneering a resistance against America’s industrialization and demonization of wheat and flour. To truly make “wheat you can eat”, they are revitalizing local food systems and building healthy communities. Prior to One Mighty Mill, Jon spent 14 years instigating the healthy fast-food movement in the United States. Alongside his business partner and childhood best friend, Jon co-founded B.GOOD, an innovative, healthy, fast-casual restaurant concept serving “food with roots” that is sustainably sourced and hand-prepared fresh in-house. Opening the first B.GOOD in Boston in 2004, the company now operates over 70 locations in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

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No Kid Hungry


Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign is ending child hunger in America by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need, every day.

One Mighty Mill

A food start up focused on using freshly milled and sustainably sourced wheat to create healthier and better tasting food and strengthen local food systems. Starting with the belief that industrial mills strip the essential nutrients from flour, One Mighty Mill grows and mills their own organic wheat and uses it in their baked goods.


Serves wholesome, honest food that makes people feel GOOD and inspires healthier communities. It is one of the original healthy, fast-casual restaurants in the US, serving food that is sustainably sourced and hand-prepared fresh in-house. B.GOOD opened its first restaurant in Boston in 2004. The company now operates over 70 locations in the U.S., Canada and Europe.