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Mavis-Jay Sanders, chef and activist, discusses what motivates her to use her culinary career to fight food injustice in Black and low-income communities. “When Eric Garner got murdered and there were protests in the streets, I was working in a fine dining restaurant… I couldn't straddle that fence anymore; I couldn't be in a place where these issues didn't matter.” She decided to take her skills to more accessible restaurants and nonprofit organizations. “I do love a little razzle dazzle, but I also wanna make sure that the people who are eating [my food] feel cared for. I wanna make sure that every single person that I come in contact with has the ability to eat.”

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Mavis-Jay Sanders

Mavis-Jay Sanders, chef, social justice advocate Award-winning culinarian and storyteller working at the intersection of food and social justice, encouraging communities to celebrate the joys of life and humanity through food.