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How are we helping our kids succeed against formidable odds? Change agents chef Alex Guarnaschelli (Chopped, Iron Chef) and nonprofit leader Howell Wechsler (Alliance for A Healthier Generation) share how they are working to end child hunger in this episode of Add Passion and Stir. “There isn’t any reason why a child should lose their right to become an adult,” says Guarnaschelli, who spends considerable time, energy and social capital working for causes like No Kid Hungry and City Harvest. “If we had more celebrity chefs doing this, we would have a tremendous impact,” says Wechsler. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation is focused on ending the childhood obesity epidemic in America, which Wechsler calls a “disaster for our country.” With 1 in 3 kids obese or overweight, the health costs alone are staggering. “We’re going to bankrupt ourselves as a nation,” he says. The Alliance helps establish and enforce federal nutrition standards for school food, including a new tool on Amazon that enables schools to purchase food that meets these standards. Guarnaschelli raises money and awareness for causes that are meaningful for her. “I like this concept of working with organizations with ‘end’ in their mission statement,” she says. She leverages her celebrity for these causes. “I always say that being a chef is 93% social and 7% produce.” Be inspired by how these guests are changing the world for our next generation.

Resources and Mentions:

No Kid Hungry logo

No Kid Hungry


Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign is ending child hunger in America by ensuring all children get the healthy food they need, every day.

Root Cause Coalition


The Root Cause Coalition is a national, member-driven, nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the root causes of health disparities by focusing on hunger and other social determinants leading to nationwide epidemic of preventable chronic health conditions.

Alliance for a Healthier Generation


The Alliance for a Healthier Generation is a catalyst for children’s health. We work with schools, companies, community organizations, healthcare professionals and families to transform the conditions and systems that lead to healthier kids. Our goal is to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity and to empower kids to develop lifelong, healthy habits. Founded by the American Heart Association and Clinton Foundation, we are collaborative change-makers working to create a nation where children thrive. We collaborate with and empower people and leaders to transform the environments that can make a difference in a child’s health: homes, schools, doctor’s offices and communities.

Butter Restaurant


Butter Restaurant has maintained an exclusive niche restaurant scene for stylish Manhattanites since its initial inception on Lafayette St. in 2002. The American restaurant is helmed by Food Network star and Executive Chef Alex Guarnaschelli, who uses greenmarket offerings to create a seasonal menu. The dining room at Butter offers a unique atmosphere and decor. Between high arching ceilings- caped with a large format nature scape, cozy booths- perfect for a romantic night out, and an inviting bar, Butter caters to any guest, whether they are seeking either a formal dining experience or one that is more casual.