young children
14 March 2024

RELEASE: Share Our Strength Unveils Groundbreaking Investment of $6.7 Million to Advance Economic Mobility for Single Mothers and Their Children

Initiative to Address Root Causes of Food Insecurity and Financial Instability Through Partnerships with 28 Organizations [Media: For photos and...

Daron Babcock
06 March 2024 | Interview by Billy Shore

Daron Babcock on Redesigning Our Future for Social Equity REDUX

Daron Babcock, CEO of Bonton Farms located in a low-income neighborhood in South Dallas. Bonton Farms is one of the...

sos international work
26 February 2024

RELEASE: The Food Trust Acquires Nationally Renowned Nutrition Education Program

Cooking Matters, developed by Share Our Strength, provides curricula, recipes, tips and other resources to help caregivers develop their healthy...

Jimmy Chen
21 February 2024 | Interview by Billy Shore

41 min

Jimmy Chen and Ofek Lavian Leverage Tech to Feed Hungry People

Jimmy Chen, founder/CEO of Propel and Ofek Lavian, founder/CEO of Forage, explain how they are harnessing the power of technology...

Thomas Kostigen share our strength
07 February 2024 | Interview by Billy Shore

39 min

Thomas Kostigen on the Environmental Impacts of “Cool Food”

Bestselling author Thomas Kostigen talks about how our food choices can impact climate change...

helping families
24 January 2024 | Interview by Billy Shore

Hungry Children in Our Midst

The pain and suffering children in poverty endure, is a choice.  NOT their choice, not their parents’ choice, but a...

young african american girl staring out window
10 January 2024 | Interview by Billy Shore

The Fight for Equity

In this very special episode of Add Passion and Stir, we are going to talk about challenges and solutions in the...

SE Cupp
20 December 2023 | Interview by Billy Shore

S.E. Cupp on War, the Media, and Mental Health

In this special encore presentation, we re-visit our conversation with CNN political commentator S.E. Cupp, who shares her perspectives o...

helping kids in india
07 December 2023

A Year of Success: Share Our Strength’s Work in India

We believe every kid deserves to have the meals they need to thrive. Unfortunately, hunger is a reality for millions...